How It Works

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Picturewall is the original "all in one" solution for creating a gallery of frames ... on your wall in minutes... perfectly!

Picturewall® is a patented and seamless system for hanging a collection of frames perfectly on your wall. It’s stress-free precision picture hanging in minutes... guaranteed.
  • Enclosed in The Picturewall® box is an "all-in-one solution" for arranging and hanging a picture collage wall gallery in about 15 minutes.
  • The preview templates allow you to “pre-view” the frames on your wall or staircase BEFORE applying hooks to wall.
  • It includes everything you will need except a hammer.
Watch how easy it is to put up a Perfect Picturewall as demonstrated by Lisa Quinn of Home on the LiveWell Network.

    How It Works


    Picturewall kits are designed to be "super simple to choose... and use!"

    Simply choose frame color, frame molding width (1" or 2") and number of kits... that's it.
    EVERYTHING else you need is in each kit... except a hammer.

    No Measuring, No Figuring, No Fuss and...
    No Mistakes™!


    No Measuring

    Hang a Pre-View Template™ directly on the wall wherever you think you would like your frames... then stand back and take a look.  A little to the left? a bit higher? or move it to a different wall all together?

    No matter where you place the templates... the frame group remains in tact. "What you see is what you get"... without taking a single measurement.

    No Figuring

    All of the frames are laid out in the template from the start. Endless Possibilities®

    No Fuss

    The hardware is all included and the instructions are easy to follow.

    No mistakes

    This collage gallery wall of frames will never leave a hole in the wall where you don’t want one.

    Envision the frames on the wall with the Pre-View Templates, reposition or relocate the template(s) as often as you like until the location of your gallery is perfect.

    What You Get

    Frames, mats, templates, and hardware… everything you need except a hammer.


    All-in-one System Includes:

    • Picture frames
    • Pre-loaded images
    • Archival mats
    • Hardware
    • Our patented pre-view template system
    • Unlimited access to our 100% home printer compatible Image Library

    Solid Wood Frames (with mats and NON GLARE lens)

    10 hand finished frames come in your choice of color & molding width. All frames come with pre-loaded off-white mats. All mats come pre cut for standard 5" x 7" sized photos that you have around the house already. The largest frame has a mat window that fits an 8" x 10" photo. Frames and mats are designed to be compatible with the size limitations of common home printers allowing you to easily switch in and out photos at a moments notice.

    Frames also come with NON-GLARE safety lenses.

    For several logical reasons we do NOT use the less expensive glass found in many frames. Many of our customers use the system in commercial spaces where glass is prohibited due to breakage/safety reasons. Additionally our lenses are lighter in weight (for shipping) and arrive UNBROKEN to you. Due to the special NON GLARE finish, our lenses do NOT give off the annoying reflections found with glass lenses.

    Mat and Frame sizes

    1" Frame Moulding Set ( Note: when you remove the mat in Small 1" frames the frame opening accomodates an 8" x 10" photo.
    2" Frame Moulding Set ( Note: when you remove the mat in Small 2" frames the frame "opening" is 6" x 8"

    2 Pre View Templates™ in every kit

    Two different Pre-View Templates™ are included in every Perfect Picturewall kit ( "Standard" & "Up the Stairs" .) These are your basic building blocks whether you are hanging 1 full set, 2 or more sets or a partial set. Templates allow you to preview your frames on the wall in a variety of settings BEFORE you mark your walls or hang the actual frames. What you see... is what you get. Reposition template(s) without damaging your walls, again and again until you are completely satisfied with the location.


    See Endless Possibilities to view how multiple sets/templates can be arranged for larger groupings.

    Parts Pack

    The set comes fully equipped with all of the hardware needed to build your wall of frames quickly and easily, including patented bubble levels to make sure your frames hang flawlessly.

    FREE Access to the Picturewall Image Library

    ALL Perfect Picturewalls come with the same easy to change black and white photos already in the frames. You can either replace these with your own photographs, or you can download images from Picturewall's online Image Library – FREE – with your Perfect Picturewall purchase.

    All Product Size Details Are Here

    "Standard" and "Up the Stairs" Size Specifications (10 frames / 1 set)

    Dimensions of 10 frames (one set) on the wall using the "Standard" Preview Template (Horizontal)  
    Dimensions of 10 frames (one set) on the wall using the "Standard" Preview Template (Vertical)
    Dimensions of one set separated into two using the "Standard" Preview Template
    Dimensions of 10 frames (one set) on the wall using the "Standard" Preview Template cut to create a template for all landscape format photos.
    Dimensions of 10 frames (one set) on the wall using the "Up the Stairs" Preview Template