Endless Possibilities®

Combine multiple sets seamlessly to fill any size space.


Picturewall® preview hanging templates are modular with the flexibility...you need...for your walls.

  • Each Picturewall® kit comes with BOTH Pre-View Templates > you decide which template you would like to use.
  • These 2 templates are the - basic building blocks - for the Perfect Picturewall system.
  • 1. "Standard" Pre-View Template™ (approx. 3' ft. x 4.5' ft.) (Actual size 39" x 56")
  • 2. "Up the Stairs" Pre-View Template™  (approx. 4.3' ft. x 4.6' ft. see diagram below for various methods of measurement.)
  • HINT: Please also note that ALL sets can be combined regardless of width of frame or color...it's up to the look you would like to achieve.
  • HINT: Once hooks are on the wall...you can move the frames around.
  • For example: You could switch a large frame for 4 small frames OR 2 small frames for a panoramic for any other arrangement positioning the frames where you want them.
  • No need to move the hooks...ever. - Just move that frame here and that frame there...easy.
  • Add more sets at any time. Just position the new template to your existing Picturewall mark for hooks add hooks and...Voila...you have enlarged your Picturewall.
Below are just some of the arrangements you can create with 1 or multiple Pre-View Templates™.

1 Complete Set (10 frames)

The “Standard” and “Up the Stairs” Pre-View Templates™ (both included) can be orientated for horizontal or vertical groupings. For smaller clusters, templates can be cut into sections and hung independently. Or, you can even cut and reconfigure templates to create your own unique arrangements.

above (left) "Standard"arrangement - 56" x 39" = 4.5'ft. x 3'ft.
above (right) Stairs arrangement - 52"high x 56"across = 4.3' ft. x 4.6' ft. )

see "size spec" page for better size info

2 Complete Sets (20 frames)

Combine templates seamlessly for a wide variety of custom looks. Multiple sets can be stacked or used side by side. Combine “Standard” and “Up the Stairs” Pre-View Templates™ to transition from staircase to landing. Your ideas lead the way!

Above arrangement measures 79.5" x 56" =  6.6' ft. x 4.6' ft.

4 Complete Sets (40 frames)

The ultimate gallery! A popular solution for creating a jaw dropping focal point in any large loft, living room or office; even fill an intimate space end to end. Once the hooks are on the wall, you can arrange & rearrange frames and colors to your heart’s content. 

Above arrangement measures > 113.5" x 79.5" =  9.6' ft. x 6.25 ft.

More info

You can do lots of things with just one template OR you can combine multiple templates for Endless Possibilities™.  These specialized and Patented templates have many visible (and hidden) features that make creating your gallery a fast and painless treat. You can use the template(s) "as is" OR get as creative as you like by separating the template into sections and recombining in new ways, each part of the template(s) can be rotated as well to change the orientation of your frames from portrait to landscape.  In the end "what you see is what you get" with the templates. Once you are satisfied with the location of the template(s) on your wall you will be happy with the actual gallery... once frames are on the wall. 

Most customers however just love the way Picturewall comes and enjoy the instant gratification of opening the box when it arrives at their front door and having a perfect gallery 15 minutes later... without any measuring, figuring, fuss or mistakes!

By the way... the templates are reusable... so go ahead and change your mind 6 months from now and rehang your gallery in an entirely new way. You can even add additional sets... later on... mix in a new size or color. Your Picturewall gallery can grow with you... over time.
Picturewall® - collage picture frames on your wall in minutes...perfectly™