What You Get

With Picturewall® you get a perfect picture frame gallery on your wall in minutes.
Frames, Mats, Hanging Templates and Hardware… everything you need except a hammer.

The All-in-One Picturewall Gallery Solution includes:

  • 10 Premium Solid Wood Photo Frames
  • Soft-White Mats
  • Clear Non-Glare Acrylic Lenses
  • Custom Hanging Hardware
  • Pre-View Templates™ (standard & stairs)

  • Solid Wood Frames (with mats & photos)


    10 hand finished frames come in your choice of color & molding width.

    All mats come pre-cut for standard sized photos that you have around the house already (5" x 7" and 8" x 10")  mat openings are designed to be compatible with the size limitations of common home printers thus avoiding custom printing costs.

    NOTE: In previous versions of Picturewalls the mat openings were 4" x 6" and 8" x 10". By popular demand WE CHANGED the 4" x 6" mat openings to 5" X 7". If you are adding additional Picturewalls to your existing Picturewall simply MIX AROUND the new frames (that have 5" x 7" mat openings)  with the old frames (that had 4" x 6" mat openings). By mixing the frames around you will achieve a nice balance of photos sizes throughout your Picturewall grouping.  


    NOTE: If you have many 8" x 10" photos you need to frame…your best bet is to order the 1" Picturewall frames. The opening in all of the small  1" frames ( when you remove the mats ) allow 8" x 10" photos. When you leave the mat in the small frames they are for 5" x 7" photos.

    Below image of 1" frame set shows the mat openings and orientation ie. landscape or portrait



    Below image of 2" frame set shows the mat openings and orientation ie. landscape or portrait



    BELOW - Outside dimensions of the "group of frames" when you use the Standard Pre-view Template "as is".

    Remember that you can rearrange the Pre-View Template modules anyway you like to create a new Pre-View Template. (quickly cut and tape sections to form a new arrangement).  You can even cut out each individual frame module and hang them "free form" on your wall and Pre-View. When you use individual modules can rotate each module to get either a landscape or portrait frame/photo orientation.


    2 Pre View Templates™ in every kit


    Two different Pre-View Templates™ are included in every Perfect Picturewall kit ( "Standard" & "Up the Stairs" .) These are your basic building blocks whether you are hanging 1 full set, 2 or more sets or a partial set. Templates allow you to preview your frames on the wall in a variety of settings BEFORE you mark your walls or hang the actual frames. What you see... is what you get. Reposition template(s) without damaging your walls, again and again until you are completely satisfied with the location.


    See Endless Possibilities to view how multiple sets/templates can be arranged for larger groupings.


    Parts Pack

    The set comes fully equipped with all of the hardware needed to build your wall of frames quickly and easily, including patented bubble levels to make sure your frames hang flawlessly.

    FREE Access to the Picturewall Image Library


    ALL Perfect Picturewalls come with the same easy to change black and white photos already in the frames. You can either replace these with your own photographs, or you can download images from Picturewall's online Image Library – FREE – with your Perfect Picturewall purchase.