Picturewall Frame Gallery Hanging Templates

The Picturewall Company Inc. is a San Francisco Bay Area Company founded by Designer Erich Schultz in 2003.  Erich designed and patented the first "all-in-one solution" for creating the perfect picture wall gallery... in minutes. Each kit includes 10 solid wood picture frames, hanging templates, frame hanging hardware and a FREE 1 year  MEMBERSHIP to our online photo image library.

We also include ***FREE SHIPPING to keep things super simple.

All designer quality frames are of solid wood.

Custom made for you right here in America.

"Can you imagine NOT having to take a single measurement."

Picturewall® has been featured in countless magazines, TV shows, blogs and newspapers including

The coveted cover of the Real Simple Solutions section, Sunset, New York Times, Oprah's O Magazine,HGTV's - Candice Tells All (with Candice Olson ),  Divine Design & DIY "I Want That"!, The Today Show and was a winner of Best New Home Product in I.D. Magazine. 

"It is exciting to be able to "completely solve" a very common & complex problem...
and deliver it directly to front doors around the world."
Erich Schultz / Designer
Normally creating a photo gallery entails so many moving parts & variables from choosing the color, size and style picture frames, finding frame mats, having them cut, finding photo frame hardware and preparing all of the tools just to begin hanging a wall gallery of picture frames. 

Then of course there is the guesswork involved with imagining the frame gallery you want, so many considerations when measuring and marking the wall for the hooks. Next you must positioning the wall-hardware correctly to match the frame-hardware while allowing for the correct amount of space between each frame to form a balanced arrangement. 

Picturewall will save you countless hours, money and frustration while giving you… instant gratification!


"Perhaps the worst part about hanging a gallery "the old fashioned way" is that you don't get to see what the gallery will look like until AFTER it is completed... with all of the holes already in your wall. 

With the old fashioned way of hanging a gallery happens if when your all finished and it's not quite right? Do you live with it or bang more holes in your wall trying to get it right?

Picturewall® solves all of these problems.

including being able to PREVIEW what your photo wall gallery will look like BEFORE hanging the frames using our patented Pre-View Hanging Templates

There is even a hanging template ( included ) for pre-viewing and hanging a staircase gallery of picture frames. 

The gallery templates even have "built in levels" so that you won't need to fumble around with a level OR mark up your walls.

Since our launch, thousands of Picturewalls have been delivered and installed by satisfied Homeowners, Professional Decorators, Photographers and businesses of all kinds.

We take pride in our high quality solid wood closed corner photo frames and the award winning system by which to arrange and hang a wall of frames... seamlessly. 

"All in all there is no easier, faster, better or more cost effective
solution for creating the Picturewall® of your dreams in… minutes! 


Picturewall® is The Original... Gallery in a Box™

The Picturewall Company Inc. is a customer-centric business focusing on creating joy by offering a perfect solution for showcasing your most precious photographs… with the respect they deserve.