Answers to some frequently asked questions about Perfect Picturewall®

Q: What comes with a Perfect Picturewall®?

A: Absolutely everything (except a hammer) you need to create a perfect picturewall in minutes! Forget about running around looking for this and that just open the box and go!

Q: Can I customize my Perfect Picturewall®?

A: There are countless ways to vary the look of a Picturewall® to suit your taste and space. The mats can easily be taken out on all or some of the frames to allow for larger pictures that fit the opening of the frame (rather than the opening of the mat window). Since the outside dimensions of the 1” wide and 2” wide frames are the same size, you can mix frame widths across multiple sets. Mix and match frame colors in cool tones like black, silver and white or warm it up with Java & Champagne or Gold. All Picturewall® sets come with the same color soft white mats (regardless of frame color or size) so that mixed frames & mats coordinate. For the ultimate in variety, mix frame widths & frame finishes, mix with and without mats and add your unique photographs.

Q: Where is Picturewall® made?

A: We are proud to say that Picturewalls are 100% American Made right here in Northern California, USA and this of course helps support US jobs.

Q: What material are the frames made out of?

A: Picturewall frames are made of SOLID WOOD with a solid color or stained finish.

Q: What is the difference between Picturewall Gallery Frames and cheaper wall frames?

A: Frames come in sooo many different materials that are less expensive than solid wood.

- Materials like MDF ( which is pressed sawdust ) or all kinds plastics and even foam-like plastics which are pressed out or extruded by machines. We have opted not to use these materials because we feel that they harm the environment and contain materials (VOC's) that may off gas in the room where they are hung. 

Questions you might consider before buying cheap frames:

- Do they have mats included? Sometimes the a photo in the frame suggests there is a mat when in fact there is not.

- Picturewall Mats are Made in U.S.A from one of the most respected makers.

- Do the frames have breakable glass? No, we use only NON-GLARE plexi because there is more UV protection against light damage than glass AND of course glass can be dangerous if they fall down not to mention they could arrive at your door broken.

- Note: Glass is the least expensive material for a frame lense. Our quality plexi costs 5X more than the price of glass.

- Do the frames have a NON GLARE lens to avoid light reflections over your photos? Cheap frames typically do NOT come with non-glare lenses.

- Picturewalls come with high quality NON-GLARE acrylic lenses that won't break if they fall and have more UV protection for your photos than glass. We believe our lenses are a much better value than glass.

- Are they FULL SIZE FRAMES? ( Picturewall frames ARE FULL SIZE FRAMES and thick on the sides as well ) We have heard from some customers and read tons of stories/reviews of those who purchased cheap frames online and were unpleasantly surprised when they arrived being MUCH small and thinner than they expected.

- Are the frames inspected before they ship to you? When frames are mass produced there are just too many to inspect so they are typically "spot checked" here and there. This spot inspection heightens the likelihood of receiving less than perfect products.

Picturewall® MAKES, INSPECTS and SHIPS from their own and partner facilities. THIS IS ALL WE DO. We specialize. We invented the Gallery in a Box™ and we're proud of it. We want you to LOVE IT and tell the World.

We inspect EVERYTHING before it ships. If something ever does arrive that is not right we just replace it fast and without question. 

At the end of the day, we can't imagine putting our prized photos of family members and friends in cheap looking frames.


Q: Is Perfect Picturewall® an appropriate gift?

A: Yes! A simple frame style that works with any decor, beautiful pictures and the instant gratification of transforming a wall in minutes makes a great gift. Just choose a frame color that works best with the person’s home or office. The included images have been carefully chosen to work just about anywhere. You can even insert special photos beforehand (once you receive it) to make it even more personal. Include old family photos to make a photo family tree and give one to all the members of your family to pass down through the generations. Give the Perfect Picturewall® for house warmings, weddings, birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas and Anniversaries.

Q: Can I choose the images that come with my frames?

A: All frames come without images however when you purchase a Perfect Picturewall® you will receive a FREE password to download pre-sized image groups from the image library. Print on any home computer and place in frames.

Q: What if my wall is too small for the Pre-View Template™?

A: Don’t forget the Pre-View Template™ can be rotated, which is longer and narrower than the standard position. There are also cut lines on the template that allow you to separate the template into smaller sections that can be hung independently.

Q: What if I have a large area to cover?

A: Perfect Picturewall® is modular. You can add on as many Picturewalls as you like by hanging additional sets side by side or by stacking them on top of each other. Think of them as building blocks. Each Pre-View Template™ has marks that line up perfectly with other templates.

Q: Can I use the "Up the Stairs" Template and "Standard" Template in conjunction with one another?

A: Yes. They match up exactly on the sides and work beautifully when transitioning from a landing to a staircase.

Q: Is the Template reusable?

A: Yes. Do not discard! If you do we have more available.

Q: How do I make sure the frames are going to be level?

A: This is the beauty of Perfect Picturewall®. The patented Pre-View Template™ has an integrated leveling system, which eliminates guesswork and the need for additional tools. NOTE: There is also a special eye level feature that makes it easy to decide how high to hang frames for best effect.

Q: How do I size my pictures to fit the frames?
A: Your Picturewall® is 100% home printer compatible. All of the frame mat windows take standard 5" x 7" and 8" x 10" photos that you can print on any home printer or have processed by an photo online processing company.
Note: We originally had 4" x 6" mat openings come standard with Picturewalls but then switched to 5" x 7"'s by popular demand.
5" x 7" photographs really add a punch to your Picturewall by having more photo and less mat.

Q: Can I get 4" x 6" Mat windows?

If you would like 4" x 6" mat openings please email us your request after purchase (so that we can tie the special request to your order) and we can have a Picturewall MAT-PACK™ custom made and sent to you that includes 7 small frame mats and 2 panoramic frame mats. each of the mat windows of this MAT-PACK has 4" x 6" windows rather than the 5" x 7" windows.
Note: You would still receive the standard 5" x 7" mats in your Picturewall + you would also receive a MAT-PACK™ with the 4" x 6" windows. You could use some 4" x 6" and some 5" x 7" throughout your Picturewall. Keep the 2nd unused mat in the back of frame for future use.