What our Customers say

“This looks like a great solution to me for a project that has been sitting on the floor for a while because I’ve been too intimidated to start hanging individual pictures.”
- Karen

“I actually purchased 2 sets last year and love the look so much that I am doing it again but this time UP THE STAIRS!!

Great product! Thanks so much!”
- Lisa

"Hats off to the Picturewall Company, Inc. -you guys have Excellent customer service... I will definitely be referring my friends!”
- Wendy

“Love your product, next best thing since sliced bread.”
- Jeff

“Just wanted to let you know we love our Picturewall! It was so easy and the results are wonderful! Good luck with your company.”
- Jenny
“Just received my frames yesterday, hung them today and I am THRILLED!!!! GREAT PRODUCT!”
– Susan
“Hey...I love your product.”
- Davey

“We ordered the 1" black frame, it arrived at our house today, and we hung it up on our wall in no time at all. It's absolutely fabulous!!! I hope more people learn about your product, hanging pictures has never been easier. :) Thank you!”
 - Kalli

“Earlier this month I ordered your Perfect Picture Wall kit. I LOVE it and have already recommended it to several friends. I can't believe I was able to hang it up all by myself in under an hour. You've got a really great product!”
- Jennifer

 Got it, love it and already have it on the wall. Thanks!”
- Robin

“I just got finished watching an episode of "Divine Design" and saw your product. I think it's awesome! I just purchased one for my home. Can't wait to get it! What a great idea. Thanks.”
- Beth

“Thanks! Actually got home last night and found it waiting for me. A half hour later it was fully set up on my wall. Love love love it and it was worth every penny! Thanks.”
- Sonia

“Love the Java (color) it is perfect!!!!! Cannot wait to share your product with friends! It is genius! Thanks again!”
- Stefanie

“I just received my order from you and had to take a minute to tell you how thrilled I am! Thank you!”
- Stacey
“Extremely helpful! Thank you SO much for your fast response! I love my picture walls so much. They make me smile every day. Thanks for that!”
- Alison


“I was very impressed in the way the picture wall was packaged. Often when you buy things off the Internet, you have to hold your breath that they arrive safely and look the way they are represented on line. For sure, your product exceeded my expectations. Once again, that you very much!”
- Val
“This is the most clever system I’ve ever seen; our son and daughter-in-law just bought and mounted the up the stairs system and it's gorgeous.”
- Liz

 “Excellent Product! Everything was better than described! 15 Minutes to a beautiful new wall…”
- Brian




"THANK YOU to all of our wonderful customers

who have taken time out of their day to make ours!"