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Members find download access codes on back pages of instructions that came with your Picturewall.
No need to sign up for anything.
The Picturewall® Image Library is a collection of pre-sized curated groups of images organized by theme and ready to download. 
   1. Choose your favorite group in the online library
   2. Print-out on your home printer ( Picturewall is designed to work with the size limitations of a standard home printer )
   3. Insert print outs into frames.  

Visit the image gallery as often as you like - to print and change photos *as often as you like. 

Access to downloads:
Find your username and password on your instruction manual that came in your Picturewall® box, or log in with the username and password you used to register with the site. If you lose your membership information, simply email us through our contact page with your name and valid order number and we’ll be happy to help.
- ALL Perfect Picturewall® sets come with the same easy to change black and white botanical photos already in the frames. 
- The enclosed placeholder photos that arrive in your frames ensure that as soon as your Picturewall goes on the wall it is presentable. 
- Switch-out the placeholder photos for your own personal photos or with your favorite image library group(s).  
FAQ's Frequently asked Customer questions on choice of Images and the image library: 
Q: Can the Picturewall Company add MY personal photos into Picturewall frames then ship to me?
A: We do NOT currently offer this service.
Q: Can I choose the photos that arrive in the frames?
A: No, ALL kits come with the same 10 B/W Botanical placeholder photos - These are nice photos that work in any environment - keep them in the frames or replace with a selection from the Picturewall image library or your personal photos... when you get around to it.  
Q: Can Picturewall print out the image library photos and send to me?
A: Not at this time.

Picturewall kits are designed to be "super simple" to choose... and use!

Simply choose color, molding width (1" or 2") and number of kits...that's it. Everything else you need is in each kit.
These are all great questions and we would like to offer these services in the future because they make sense. 
Right now we are focused on our core Picturewall products.