Below is our wide selection of  In-Stock & Back-Ordered Picturewall Gallery kits in 1" and 2" molding widths. 

"In-Stock products ship within 24 hrs M-F by UPS Ground from San Francisco ( Canadian orders from Vancouver )
Back Ordered Picturewalls will ship end of January - ORDER NOW to take advantage of SALE + FREE S&H
Each set includes 10 frames per kit (as shown) All 10 frames in each kit are the same color and have the same molding width. 

Create a mixed Picturewall by purchasing any 2 or more sets - ALL kits work together seamlessly. 

Templates are modular so that you can combine as many sets as you like. 
( By design - you can even combine the "Up the Stairs" and Standard Templates. 

ALL sets come with everything you need to have a gallery on your wall in about 15 minutes… perfectly!

 Each set includes BOTH "Standard" AND "Up the Stairs" Pre-View Templates - you decide which Template to use.

To ORDER: simply choose >   A. Frame Color       B. Frame Width (1" or 2")      C. choose 1 or more sets