Below is our wide selection of  "In-Stock" Picturewall Gallery kits in 1" and 2" molding widths.

Please note: We are getting quite low on 1" Black, 1" Java, "White and 1" Champagne. Once these "sell out" the next scheduled delivery is end August. So please hurry if you have a project or gift that you need before end August.
"In-Stock" products ship within 24 hrs M-F by UPS Ground from San Francisco ( Canadian orders from Vancouver .)
Each set includes 10 frames per kit (as shown) All 10 frames in each kit are the same color and have the same molding width. 

Create a mixed Picturewall by purchasing any 2 or more sets - ALL kits work together seamlessly. 

Templates are modular so that you can combine as many sets as you like. 
( By design - you can even combine the "Up the Stairs" and Standard Templates. 

ALL sets come with everything you need to have a gallery on your wall in about 15 minutes… perfectly!

 Each set includes BOTH "Standard" AND "Up the Stairs" Pre-View Templates - you decide which Template to use.

To ORDER: simply choose >   A. Frame Color       B. Frame Width (1" or 2")      C. choose 1 or more sets